If there were such a thing as friendship at first sight, then Sabrina and Natalie would be superlative examples of such. The two met in New York in summer 2010 and started spending every evening together –
until they briefly parted ways again. After all, they both had to complete their studies (Natalie at Trinity College in Connecticut, Sabrina at the Sotheby’s Institute of Art in London) until they could return to the city with the world’s most exciting music scene.

They had both already stared DJing – and decided to join forces. Sabrina and Natalie stand behind the turntables weekly as SBND at all sorts of venues, e.g. the Mondrian Soho or the Hudson Hotel. They’re big fans of house music. With crowds used to male DJs, they are often subjected to silly questions: “Wow, are you actually DJs? Can you actually perform the task of DJing or are you more just faces – like pretty faces?” Now they’ve been in the scene for three years and they don’t have to prove themselves to anyone. They don’t even have to organise anything anymore – their agent takes care of their bookings. Yet they still refer to DJing as their hobby…

In fact, they both are just as passionate about their day jobs. Sabrina works for Fever, an event app for New York. She works on the partnerships for the company, organising e.g. guest lists for users. “It’s a type of job where you don’t feel like you’re working all the time,” she says. Natalie incorporated her passion for music into her career as a Remix and Promotions Manager for the music label Big Beat, which belongs to Atlantic Records. She assists DJs with their productions, marketing their tracks and scouts for new talent.

“We just have each other’s backs,” says Natalie. The duo shares a number a dreams. They both love travelling – and why not lay down a few tracks in Europe, in the Caribbean or on the West Coast? It doesn’t really matter when your best friend is by your side.

by Hanna Lemke

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