Rembrandt Jordan’s favourite word seems to be “accident.” It was “by accident” that he changed his profession as a landscape architect to a silversmith.  It was “by accident” that he developed a unique, perhaps even wilful jewellery-design aesthetic. When this 39-year-old jeweller with his mop of curly dark hair talks about his background, he seems almost surprised to have landed here in his atelier “by accident” in Antwerp’s historic centre. The entire space is thought through, much of its details made by him.

All just by accident? Unlikely. His success is the result of years of hard work at the Academy of Fine Arts in both Antwerp and London. But this attitude, this “I take nothing for granted” is the source of his inspiration. His pieces are clear and minimal. They are like sculptures for the body – the object and its wearer should communicate with each other. Like his 16-piece broach that can either be worn to display the concave from either side. The jewellery piece changes according to the wearer’s mood. And it mirrors the creator’s mood as well – a meditative tranquillity that integrates itself into the object after weeks of work.

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