There is a nice story behind the name of this restaurant. Born in Mombasa, Kenya to a Ugandan mother and raised between the Bernese Oberland and in Zurich, founder Jennifer Mulinde-Schmid is a multitalented, kindred soul. Wherever she goes, cheerfulness is bound to follow. After her training in dance and in acting, she worked in television and cinema before dedicating herself to being the comedienne of her restaurant. With a grin, she implies that she herself is Schwarze Heidi, or the “black Heidi”, and she often personifies the role in various skits. “I can’t live off of just that,” she laughs and shows off her dancing skills. “I’m far from the perfect dancer.” But she is grounded and takes chances as they come. In Berlin, the chance came with the Helvetia Röschti Bar, an authentic Swiss restaurant in the middle of Kreuzberg. “If I have to work the go-to job for actors, then I am going to do it with humor and charm,” she says, adding in a typical Swiss flair to her pronunciation.

It didn’t take long before guests started asking “will Jenni be there?” when making their reservations. It didn’t take long before she got the chance to become co-owner of the restaurant, eventually leading to its status as a Kreuzberg institution. Those looking for a proper Swiss meal in a cozy ambiance will feel right at home here. But the name is new. Jenni has become the mascot for the restaurant as her alter ego “Schwarze Heidi.” But certainly not without the help of her team. “The dishes coming out of our kitchen are so good. Everything is not just prepared with the skill and finesse of a trained chef, but is creative and made with a curious palate,” she boasts. “We love dancing between traditional and innovative Swiss cooking.” Diners can expect classics like röschti and fondue of all sorts alongside a daily-changing menu and desserts like Toblerone mousse and apple tartlettes with lavender cream. An authentic piece of Swiss hospitality served to Berlin-based Swiss, guests from the neighborhood, the city, and around the world. “I want my guests to leave here happier than they were coming in,” says Jenni with a wink.

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