Actress Katharina Kowalewski in a short interview with cool cities:

As an actress from the Ukraine via Paris to New York City – does that feel like a dream come true?

NYC  is definately my dream city. Back in 2004 I started to take acting classes with Jack Waltzer at Actor’s Studio and immediately fell in love with the cities independent film scene. It has always been my aim to, one day, play in english productions, but i took it slowly and started with german and french movies. Generally its not so much about where I work but about the quality of the production you’re in. Paris was a great opportunity. I had the chance to work with Laetitia Casta in the movie Arletty and with Pierre Niney in „Comme des Frères“ – both are actors I admire. In Germany I got to work with Charly Hübner which was also a great experience. So for now, NYC is certainly a good choice. I just came back from the Oscars in L.A and it seemed like a nice option to move there once we’ve finished shooting. At the moment I am part of two movie productions, one in NYC one in Boston, so I switch the cities according to where I work. After all I’m happy to be able to work in those great cities. It fuels my desire to tell stories and  write own storybooks.

By the way: my mothers granparents are from the Ukraine but I was born in Poland. When I was 7 years old we moved to Germany.

What is the most significant difference between working in the U.S. and Europe?

Being on a filmset in New York City was an experience. I loved to finally work in this iconic city, that I knew from so many movies. Since my acting coach Susan Batson, who has also worked with Nicole Kidman and Juliette Binoche, is based in New York city, I spent every minute I have in the studio there. In comparison to Europe, work here never really stops and there are Auditions and Castings almost every day. Wether it’s Netflix, high, there is no big difference between TV and Cinema anymore. 

Castings are also different. In the U.S. the majority are so called „self-tape-auditions“, where you tape yourself acting for a specific project. They exist in Germany too, but very often parts are given to actors due to their „showreel“. In my free time I love watching Broadway Shows, they inspire my work.

Tell us about the new Film you are working on in Boston:

The director Alvin Case wanted to work with me for 2 years, but I was always involved in projects in Europe. Now I finally get to work with him on the Sci-Fi movie „The Frozen Sea“ where I appear in scences that play in the Future, the Present, the 70ies and Germany during the War. I get to act in english, german, french and polish, so finally I can use all four languages I speak in one film.

Right after we shoot another movie together: „The Girl who talked to Angeles“. I play a fashionista on her live journey all the way to Brasil where she follows a spiritual path. So a bit like my own adventure.

for more information visit: www.katharinakowalewski.com

Katharinas favorite spots in NYC are:

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