It all began in the ’80s. With six fashion students from Antwerp’s Royal Academy of Fine Arts who were brave enough to go out into the world with their own collections. Who went to Paris, London and Tokyo to present their collections. They called themselves “The Antwerp Six.”

Their brash spirit and unabated optimism about conquering the world with fashion – you get a good sense of this with Maureen, who has been teaching fashion to young students from around the world at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts for seven years now.

"We have over 40 nationalities here. Everyone brings their own history with them, their experiences, their inspiration."

Antwerp is small. You’re always running into someone you know, and that’s a good thing. It’s easy to recognise them, the students of the fashion academy, with their extravagant garments and giant IKEA bags filled with their work that they proudly tote around the city.

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Maureen's favorite spots are:

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