Makeup artist Anna Paolozzi has an eye for colour and a genuine interest in showing women of all ages how to look sexy and fabulous. And looking fantastic doesn't start and end with a bag of cosmetics.

 Anna Paolozzi's work has a painterly sense and encompasses her talent and disposition: 'I don't want to sit on my own painting, I like connecting with people.' After learning the trade, her first job was Head of Makeup at MTV. 'I assisted a VOGUE make-up artist and thought, I'd better learn it, because suddenly I was doing famous people and had no experience!' For Anna, looking fantastic doesn't start and end with a bag of cosmetics - the kind of life you're leading matters. 'I think it's really important to eat good food and sleep properly and have a great life - as much as possible - because that shows.'

'Feeling great is the first step to looking great. '

 Anna has specialised in makeup for 40+ women because there simply wasn't anyone else doing it. 'What I noticed was that women's self-esteem, as they get older, can go down, and I wanted to help them still look sexy and fabulous.' Makeup completes the picture begun with a great haircut and the nicest clothes on which you can get your hands.

 Anna focuses on helping women to feel good about themselves and sees herself as a guide. She also works with women who have been ill. 'I can make them look well - and people treat them differently.' She works in hospitals and also at people's homes. 'I show them all the little things, how to put colour back in their faces - they go very grey when they're ill. I haven't met one woman who doesn't want to look better: it's so powerful psychologically.' Surgeons have commented to Anna on her remarkable approach with patients. Not knowing what illness the people she works with have had grants her a certain distance, but it's obviously more than that; it's a combination of gift and will. Anna wants to put people at ease, to make them laugh and bring out their best side.

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