“It is a life-changing decision to have a family. We wanted to have more time for our daughter while realising a life-long dream.” Stanislaw and Kinga seem to be living the modern urban fairytale. “As a carpenter and interior designer, I had worked on various projects, bars, and clubs in Berlin. I was fortunate to get a lot of positive feedback, so I decided to channel my skills into my own project. The timing was perfect. My wife wanted to get away from the startup scene and we decided to take the leap together when she was on maternity leave.”

As self-proclaimed foodies, they started gathering ideas an eventually came to the conclusion that their own project was going to place food and indulgence center stage. By chance, they met an artisanal ice cream maker through family, and the rest is history. A perfect addition to the burgeoning scene in Berlin, they developed a concept that focused on handmade ice cream, superfoods, and good coffee. 

Only the finest ingredients are employed in making their products. The milk comes from local farms that produce in small quantities. Due to high demand, they’ve branched out to no less than ten farms which meet the high quality standards. All of the products, from dairy to the sugar-free chocolate sorbet (perfect for vegans and diabetics), from the barista-made coffee to baked goods are held to their high standards.

“I don’t like walking and eating at the same time. I need to sit down, relax, and relish in the moment.” Kinga wanted a place in which people would like to hang out, so Stanislaw furnished the café to be welcoming. He took vintage S-Bahn benches and made them into seats, brought in reclaimed relics from industrial workshops, and unique decorations made from old windows, which were donated by their lawyer. Each piece has its own story—upcycling was paramount in the design. And no ice cream parlor would be complete without an area for the children, an ode to the couple’s daughter.

Why Oak & Ice? The couple thinks for a moment. “Oak is a natural and sustainable material that people relate to coziness and tradition. Ice is the base for our main product. We’re just glad to have something that brings a little bit of joy into peoples’ lives. Sustainable joy...that’s it!”

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