Julie Grangé knows Antwerp. She grew up here, went to school here, saw the city expand. She watched the new and the old competing neck and neck with each other before deciding to join in on the fun as an architect. Her city is like no other in Belgium; it brings both tradition and innovation together. 

Paul Falke entrusted her with the task of designing his private home before she was commissioned to redesign the two-storey retail space in Antwerp’s Schuttershofstraat 22. It’s a street that’s developed into one of the most exclusive shopping destinations in the historic centre over the course of many centuries.

Quality – Functionality – Longevity

“We looked closely at the brand before making any decisions. What does FALKE represent for me? What does it represent for others?”

Julie chose to work with the best materials available: expert-crafted furniture, innovative lighting. Where the space allows it, she employed mirrors to give the illusion of more light and space, putting the merchandise centre stage.....

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