„My name is Radmilo Soda. i was once a boxer. This is my studio and here is my story“.

 It’s clear that he has fought a lot in his life – not only in the boxing ring. Radmilo Soda comes from Croatia, where he was born and raised in a time where war and violence were part of everyday life. When he was 16, he visited his sister in Amsterdam and decided to stay. That was 26 years ago. Today he is one of the most sought-after and successful personal trainers in the Netherlands.

 He first found a position as a cook, but that wasn’t enough. He didn’t know what to do with himself and his anger. He began to box, which helped. It became an outlet for many different things. Someone approaches him, asking him if he would be interested in fighting. Radmilo, barely 20 years old, says yes. He enters the ring again and again. He wins, not always, but often enough. He becomes an amateur champion and reigns for over five years.

Radmilo leaves boxing but stays true to himself. He goes to school and learns everything he can about competitive sports. He knows where he wants to go, just not how to get there.

"A successful boxer hardly makes a successful businessman." 

Radmilo stands before a new challenge, takes it on and wins. Today, he has a loft in one of the coolest areas in Amsterdam, his clientele come from all walks of life. Managers, employees, housewives and even children come to him for training. The bodily transformation is a part of the arrangement: nobody who goes through his training stays the same.

Radmilo has set a new goal for himself: he wants to write a book. The topic: nutrition as a holistic experience. A book with advice, not recipes. Each person, each body is difference. People must decide for themselves what’s good for them and what works for them. 

Radmilo’s suggestions seem to work. He talks about clients who finally got their weight under control. Women who finally enjoy looking at themselves in the mirror again and who have gained a new sense of confidence. Radmilo helps those who are willing to help themselves. The rest happens in his personal training two to three times a week, depending on his clients’ discretion. 

How fit is Amsterdam actually?

“It’s getting better. Amsterdam definitely has more to offer than sex, drugs and rock and roll.”

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