“I make a living as a professional muse,” says Malcolm, his glitter-covered face lit up with a beaming smile. One thing is for certain: This guy doesn’t have a very high opinion of traditional job titles and doesn’t like to be categorised either. Born in Jamaica and raised in Florida, Malcolm has been in New York since 1985. “I immediately was embraced by this community of artists,” he reminisces. “My best friend at the time was Keith Haring. Everyone just kind of, you know, danced, partied together, created art, created fashion, created whatever together.”

The city is a hotbed for jacks-of-all-trades like Malcolm. Today, he writes a column for the Huffington Post as the “Curator-of-Cool.” He’s the founder of the Rue de Fleurus Gallery and eponymous foundation, dedicated to equality measures for female artists and curators. He’s also the CEO and creative director of the One Dress Project, which supports women’s organisations around the world. He’s considered a visionary fashion designer, with supporters like George Clooney, Angelina Jolie, and Madonna. As a creative consultant for many companies, both luxury brands and everyday citizens to combine purpose, passion and philanthropy into their businesses.

Malcolm is fully aware that his flamboyant appearance is the first thing people notice about him. “But it is through these feathers, through bright colours and all those little things that I am expressing exactly how I feel.” He is incredibly passionate about his philanthropy, his belief in goodness. “New York is changing in a magical and wonderful way,” he says. “We are moving towards enlightenment – not to be corny, but hopefully that is where we are heading,” he adds with a laugh.

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