Century Pubs in Berlin is a multimedia publication containing an illustrated book, app and on feature on Cool Cities website. With wonderful texts by author Clemens Füsers, which not only reveal much about historic pubs, but also tell the story of Berlin from the perspective of a bar counter.

An institution not only for friends of live music is Yorckschlösschen in Kreuzberg:

From Viennese coffeehouse to Kreuzberg institution – this legendary living room in the middle of the stomping grounds of the old left and career revolutionaries is in the heart of the bourgeois part of Kreuzberg. Once a popular place for conspiracy theorists and starry-eyed idealists, some made fun and call the pub “Neuschwanstein for the poor” with its annual “Ball for the Hopeless.” Now, it’s the premier sport for enthusiasts of blues, funk, and jazz, with top-notch live music at low prices. Traditionally cozy and filled with knickknacks and trinkets, the lively beer garden is not to be missed—especially in combination with a fresh draft and some meatballs.

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