Daniel Libeskind and Berlin are old acquaintances. The world famous architect lived in the capital city for many years and designed the Jewish Museum in Kreuzberg. Various cultural institutions have also been built according to his designs in other European cities. But the first Libeskind apartment block ever is currently being built in Berlin—in the city which the architect appreciates both for its rich history and its development potential.

Sapphire” is the title of his design. According to Libeskind, the unique, artistic building is supposed to put a smile on everyone’s face, both passers-by and residents alike. It is clear to him that not everything in Berlin sparkles like this architectural jewel. But a sapphire is also raw, tough, and resistant, emphasizes Libeskind in conversation—and these are characteristics that he also ascribes to the citizens of Berlin.  

The building should be completed by 2016. More than half of the 70 apartments have already been sold. So anyone who wishes to view Sapphire should make an appointment quickly.

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