A new, creative relaxation concept…with a nightclub? At first glance, the idea seems contradictory, but after taking a closer look, it’s just awesome. Suma Beach is a successful mixture of beach bar, nightclub, leisure park, art exhibition, as well as a beach campsite.

It was founded by the Istanbul-based artistic creative collective Suma Han in collaboration with Wake Up Call, a nightclub in the city. Together, these bright minds have made their dreams of an unconventional and fantastic place come true, to the delight of locals and visitors alike.

Located just 45 minutes away from the city center, this club rests on Kilyos Beach on the coast of the Black Sea and offers the perfect backdrop for a leisurely weekend trip. There are many ways to enjoy Suma Beach and all it has to offer: as a day trip with a visit to the beach and nightclub, or as a weekend trip, overnighting at the campsite and waking up to morning yoga followed by a dip in the ocean. The décor of the club, tents, and other buildings maintain a retro-look and exude a hippie aura with natural materials like wood, bamboo, and straw.

The music is taken care of by Wake Up Call, which organizes an excellent line up of international DJs, famous in the electro and house scene. New DJs are invited every weekend, and the promotional team is always ready to provide something new.

To make things easier, shuttles are offered on the weekends. The schedule can be found on the club’s Facebook page.

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